Purifying Toner | Anti-Inflammatory Effect

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Oily and combination skin types require special treatment. The most crucial part is cleansing and toning, as the sebum excess may lead to skin irritation, acne, and unhealthy oily shine. The professional skin care tips include mild cleaning, but even with the gentlest cosmetics your skin may get inflamed. Do you know that this issue could be easily fixed with a little help from a good toner for oily skin? Let’s check why.

PURIFYING TONER is based on gentle natural ingredients that have anti-inflammatory and cleansing effects, and include antioxidants — to keep your skin fresher and younger. This balanced mix literally keeps your skin balanced, and reduces acne and irritation. Get ready for the amazing skin transformation, but first, let’s get a closer look at each of the most important ingredients in this professional skin care product.

Purslane extract is famous in traditional Korean medicine as it helps treat infections and reduce irritation. This beauty master contains vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, and antioxidants; has a magic anti-inflammatory effect, and heals small scratches and wounds.

Stemone extract also comes from Asian medicine. For long centuries, it was used to treat problematic skin and lessen inflammation. Sage is also known as a marvelous treatment for skin prone to acne. It improves blood circulation, has anti-inflammatory effects, and renews the skin cells.

Lemon oil has an amazing antioxidant effect. Dirt, hiding in your pores, could lead to breakouts and irritation, so that’s why this effect is so important. Also, lemon oil gently exfoliates the dead cells and slightly enlightens your skin.

Hamamelis — also known as Witch Hazel extract — soothes the skin in addition to brilliant anti-inflammatory and purifying effects. Interesting fact: this ingredient has similar results as panthenol (which makes skin softer and heals sunburns), but it is better tolerated by children and allergic people.

HOW TO USE: Created with oily and combination skin in mind. Use at least two times after cleansing or during the day to refresh your skin. For the most complex effect, combine this toner with ANTI-INFLAMMATORY SERUM or CREAM from the same SANMARINE product line.

  • POWERFUL ANTI-INFLAMMATORY EFFECT: Oily and combination skin irritates easily because of excess sebum secretion. Luckily, PURIFYING TONER has an amazing blend of natural ingredients with a strong anti-inflammatory effect. Purslane, sage, hamamelis, and alteromonas extracts will help you forget about redness and discomfort and will leave your skin smooth and clean.

  • EFFECTIVELY CLEANSES YOUR SKIN: Dirt is the main reason for inflammation and acne. Even if you cleaned your skin perfectly, it would be better to use a toner with an antioxidant effect to ensure that your skin is ready for the next step in your skincare routine. PURIFYING TONER with sage, lemon oil, and hamamelis won’t leave a single chance for dirt!

  • DOESN’T OVERDRY YOUR SKIN: You do not want to have dry skin instead of oily — it should be smooth and soft to the touch. If you feel that your cleanser doesn’t leave any freshness on your face, then it is time for this amazing toner

  • HELPS TO CONTROL ACNE: Thanks to the long list of amazing ingredients, this toner will become your first step to the skin transformation

  • BASED ON NATURAL INGREDIENTS: All components are inspired by nature itself. Still, all of them have truly magical powers which you will notice just in a few days!


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