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Do you know that to keep your skin gentle, radiant, and young you do not need to visit professional skin care procedures? Everything starts with a balanced and smart home facial treatment divided into several important steps.

Start from cleaning your skin. Right after, use a balanced toner — and this one is pure magic! SANMARINE Freshness Toner has a soothing and moisturizing effect, gently hydrates your skin, helps maintain a healthy pH level, and effectively reduces inflammatory skin conditions.

Have you ever noticed that after cleansing your skin is dry and a bit irritated? That is a normal thing, you just need a few drops of moisturizing toner — and your face will shine! If you have sensitive skin, then you should pay attention to natural skin care products — just like this one. SANMARINE is created with nature in mind, it doesn’t include any harsh cleansers or alcohol. The balanced list of natural ingredients helps keep even the driest and most sensitive skin perfectly clean and fresh.

So, let’s see which magical ingredients bring the most glowing skin. Your beauty starts from fruit water — a gentle toning ingredient loaded with apple extracts. It makes your skin moisturized, soothes it gently, and enriches it with vitamins.

Aloe extract goes next. It is one of the best healers for inflammatory skin which also has regenerating and hydrating powers. Malva extract is a great soother with a tender emollient effect. Oat extract makes your sensitive skin smoother and brings lipids — the skin’s natural fats that strengthen the protective barrier and keep the hydration inside your skin.

Also, this moisturizing toner includes licorice extract — a superhero in the world of professional skin care. Licorice is the most neutral ingredient for the most glowing skin because it gently enlightens it. The last but not the least component is an alteromonas ferment — a powerful thing for sensitive skin that reduces redness, dryness, and irritation.

HOW TO USE: After cleansing (it would be better to use DEEP CLEANSER GEL from the same product line), apply a few drops of tones to a cotton pad and softly wipe your face and neck. No need to rinse — then apply some cream or serum. Use two times per day — during your morning and evening skincare routine.

  • AMAZING HYDRATION: With a long list of natural and powerful ingredients, this toner helps keep your skin moisturized for up to 48 hours! Aloe, fruit water, and hyaluronic acid have a strong hydration effect while oat keeps the water inside your skin and creates an additional protective barrier

  • PERFECT FOR SENSITIVE SKIN: The toner will suit any skin but if you have a dry or sensitive one — this is exactly what you need. A soft touch of Malva extract works as a great soother and alteromonas ferment is a powerful anti-inflammatory

  • FULLY NATURAL: You won’t find any alcohol or severe cleansers. Instead, the toner includes working natural, hypoallergenic ingredients

  • REFRESHING: Feel the soft touch of the natural ingredients that help keep your skin hydrated, gentle, and glowing. This is a truly professional skin care level you may afford at home

  • WATER HARDNESS NEUTRALIZER: If you ever feel that your skin gets irritated after cleansing, this happens because the water itself has a harsh effect on it. But this bouquet of natural components fixes this problem and makes your skin perfectly healthy and glowing


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